Thursday, 24 April 2014

Family out-of-town-trip Survival Tips for Mommies

Family out-of-town-trip Survival Tips for Mommies

Actually, happiness comes in bursts of laughing moments.  The boys just love it up north.

     You know what’s funny?  We go out of our way to go on out-of-town trips with our family in the “pursuit of happiness”.  But when we do, we end up with just “pursuit” most of the time WITHOUT the “happiness”! 

     Let me prove my point.  My husband and I packed everything up (including our two kids) in our small compact car to drive four hours up north so we can have a happy, fun holiday.  We ended up enduring the entire drive listening to two boys arguing on just about everything – and that’s not even mentioning the return trip!  

     When we arrived the beach was as appealing as the Pacific Ocean developing a tsunami, and spending time playing computer games in a neighborhood internet café was the highlight of our entire stay!

To tell you the truth, beaches up north are to die for.  This was taken in Medellin, Cebu.

     So if happiness is the real reason why you decide to succumb to torture (and not because you want a good update status in your Facebook page just to make your friends drool) then I have a few tips to share.

     I call them Survival Tips for Mommies Who Want To Be Happy During Family Outings.  Kinda long title, but never mind – it is the thought that counts.
I summed them up to the three P’s that make or break family outings – Packing, Pleading and Pleasing.

PACKING.  Now this is THE deal breaker.  The younger the kids, the scarier the packing.  My husband is an expert at this.   First the medical stuff.  We pack milk, water, vitamins, cough and fever medicines, anti-asthma pills, nebules for asthmatics and nebulizer (yes, the kind that weighs eight tons).

     Then the toys.  There are comfort pillows (the one with their favorite cartoon character that is stinky and never gets washed), stuffed toys, toy cars, beyblades, beyblade stadium – all in two sets, one set  for each kid.

     The clothes, shoes and slippers can come later.  Oh yeah, stuff for me and my husband can be brought along as long as there is space left in the trunk.

PLEADING.  This is the root of all arguments, and arguments are the cause of all evil!
“Mommy, can you pleeease tell Ryan to stop teasing me?”

     “STOP kicking my seat please!  Do you want me to drive back and leave you at home?”
“Boys, stop spanking each other!”

PLEASING.  I tell you Mommies can lose all their hair with this one.  We try our best to please everyone in the hope that everyone will be happy.  Well, I’ve got bad news for you sister, you can never please everyone, especially your kids!

     You give your small boy the last slice of bread even if you were already dying of hunger.  You look in your bag and a smile lights up your face upon finding a piece of candy, but end up giving it to your other small boy.

     You and your husband sleep on the floor because the two beds are occupied by each of your sons.  And earlier that day, you allowed your kids to spend an extra hour playing computer games (and the last of your money) lest they scream and upset the neighbors.                                                    

     Wait, what are my survival tips?  Actually I lied – I only have one tip – bring your ear plugs – it will keep you sane.

     All right, all right, the tips are three P’s too – Plan, im-Pose and op-Pose (give me some slack I just want to stick with the P’s thing here).

Plan what you pack ahead and make a checklist, and make sure you include your undies!  
Imposerules and never sway even with fervent pleading (especially the Puss in Boots look);
Oppose any urge to try and please everyone!  Force them to do things that please YOU for a change!

     I tell you these tips succeeded in making me survive an out-of-town family trip that involved riding an airplane!  The earplugs actually helped my older son Raffy on the plane ride.  But I admit.  The highlight of our stay was still playing computer games in a neighborhood internet café.  Yet hey, we were indeed happy!

The Boracay sands at sunset - awesome :)
Raffy got a sprain so we stopped to rest, of course a couldn't resist snappin' one :)

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

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Friday, 4 April 2014

New Year’s Resolutions that I KNOW won’t work this year

We all start our year with resolutions right?  Well now that the first quarter is over, it is time to do a little assessment.  I did mine, so before I make any more false promises to myself, I have identified my top three new year’s resolutions that I KNOW won’t work this year.

Number One – Diet

I already know what I need to do to lose weight – eat more fruits, exercise, reduce consumption of rice, don’t drink creamy coffee, and don’t eat too many sweets.  I know all that, I just don’t do all that.  

Sweets follow me wherever I go.  How can I say no?
Let’s face it.  I love to do the opposite of all those things.  And I lack motivation!  

The women I know who were successful at losing weight were either separated from their husbands or caretakers of empty nests.  They have motivation – man hunting or escaping from boredom.

But me, I’m happy!  I have two loving kids.  A husband who says he loves me even if I am fat.  And I am extremely busy – boredom doesn’t stand a chance!

So unless I get separated or lose my job or my seven and nine year old decide to live in their own apartments then I have no motivation at all to go on a diet; at least not this year.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Drive Through

My son Raffy is a much better driver than I am.  
Maybe I should settle for cars like these...

     Who among you here drive their own car?  Then you would know what I’m going through right now.  I’m in a state you would call the Drive-Through.  No, I’m not referring to a McDonald’s Drive thru, or a Jollibee Drive thru.  I’m not talking about food at all! 
     I’m talking about learning how to drive and all the things you have to go through while learning.
       I’m on a drive-through!

     All right, you might be wondering, “She’s learning how to drive? Wait, how old is she?”  I know, I know, I’m in my thirties! (Actually author is in her forties.) I get it!  I’m way too old to still not know how to drive.  Heck, kids these days drive their own wheels to the prom!

     But yes, at thirty-two (Make that 45), I am learning how to drive.  My first victim was my younger brother March.  Yes you heard right.  My name is April and I have a brother called March.  He was my first victim.  No!  No, I didn’t run over him, the poor guy, I asked him to teach me how to drive.